It is day number 7 of my no meat strike. While standing in the line at Publix, I was behind a mother with a lot of groceries. There were two little girls in the cart staring at me. Becaause my phone was consuming me, I did not notice that the kind woman was asking me if I would like to get in front of her. I responded no thank you. Soon the cashier was overtaken by the paperwork required to enable her transaction because she was on an unemployment program. The kind lady asked me if I was sure that I wanted to stay behind. I took my things and went to the front of the line with her assistance. She then turned to the other person and said that the next line was opening. She went so far as to hold the spot in the new line for the person. I thanked her for her help as I left the store.

She is not in the best position. However, her kindness made her position divine. She showed empathy to the rest of us that were waiting because of her predicament. The chances of me seeing her again are small, but her efforts of compassion will remain with me.