The damn bottle could not be opened. The wrapping was wound tightly and the corkscrew was jammed. A tall man appeared as the frustration lingered in the air. He gently took a knife to the bottle and scratched off the paper. He then inserted the opener and carefully removed the corkscrew. He then poured me a glass of delicious wine and returned to his drums. In one quick swoop, he used his calm strength to ease a predicament.

She walked into the room to the beat of the music. Her eyes carefully scanned the room looking for her target. As they focused in on one person, the hips began to curve and the torso began to take move. She quickly became the dead center of attention around which the entire gathering revolved. All eyes remained in the palm of her hand.

Both situations have one thing in common. Neither party spoke. Nothing outlandish took place. However, both of them were able to capture the attention of others in a very subtle manner. There is a lesson here. What it learned is left entirely to you:)