My life has suddenly changed its pace. My phone has been ringing off the hook with email notifications fighting for attention. Appointments are appearing faster than what I am aware of and yet the sun is still shining. It is due to the impending doom of work which greets me next week. However, I have learned that I am a person that likes a nice slow easy pace. Entire days that are dedicated to absolutely nothing suit my just fine. My schedule was so overwhelming this last Spring that I escaped on vacation with a friend. She told me that she was leaving town on official business, and I told her that she had company. Am I complaining? No. This is simply a voice of concern for my future sanity.
I have a fondness for telling my sisters that they should consider themselves prior to anyone else. Put yourself in a seat of honor so that you can continue to serve the ones that you love. Here is yet another situation on my hands where I need to consider myself prior to the insane madness that my life is going to throw at me. Gone are the days of awaking around 11 and moving after noon. No more midday chats with my beloved sister as we sing of the days of glory. How shall I cope? I need a game plan.
Silence. I am a reclusive Piscean that likes silence. I do not fancy a lot of noise around me because it is irritating. More often than not the lights must be off if I want to concentrate. Soft beautiful music lulls me to sleep. Pedicures make me feet feel amazing and there is a new group of women that will be gathering in the name of one of my favorite goddesses. Maybe, I shall join them for the fun. Part of how I plan to conquer this predicament is being prepared for it. Since I know that the transition back to work will be the opening of flood gates, no matter how I try to put it in a more pleasing light, its rough on me. It is up to me to draw upon the available resources to keep myself in tact. That and I already have a retreat planned for September.