Lately, I have had problems trying to relax.  Comfort seems to escape me.  My last massage was on Saturday, and my days have been very low key.  By the same token, my shoulder blade really hurts.  Yesterday was the absolute straw.  I analyzed my typical routine.  It had gotten away from sound practices that were implemented to keep me healthy, balanced, and content.  The dreary weather halted my morning walks.  This began thrusting me into my workday without a proper foundation or preparation.  While I did engage in a relaxing spiritual bath last night, my slumber was not happening.  The peppermint chocolate cookies had gotten the best of me.  My sugar crash did not end until very early in the morning as my alarm woke me.

Coffee has been replaced by tea for the time being.  I need to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep.  My day began with two brisk laps in the park followed by some time with Deepak Chopra.  My transition into the work flow felt better.  Now that the day is winding down, sugar was kept to the waking hours, and hydration continued throughout the day.  My diet is insane, and I definitely need to reach out to a health coach.  While this new lifestyle is less taxing than being bombarded with the constant demands of teaching, there are issues.

There is never a time when I can clock out.  As the winter break is upon us, my social media will come to a halt simply because it would be be better for me.  It truly is a full time job that needs to be outsourced once the proper revenue stream presents itself.  While I am stabilizing myself financially, it still comes with challenges.  I do not have spending money and have to sacrifice many things.  My hair is coming out of its style, and waxing would be really nice.  These beauty needs have to be put to the side in the face of Publix and Chevron.  My dental hygienist is probably wondering what the hell happened to me.  I will return in a minute.

I am looking forward to spending more time discovering my new self outside of work.  Womens’ circles are back in my life, and sound healings seem to be a thing.  The beach may see me next week and adult coloring is fun.  Is there a date on my schedule?  Never.  Should really do something about that….