It became necessary for me to switch bedrooms in my home once again. The exercise room had to be demolished in order to accommodate new things. It was not possible for me to watch this part of the process; however, the finished product has brought me such happiness. The new room was painted in a magnificent white. A round table graced the spare room. While Cesaria Evora serenades the household from the computer center, I find myself feeling quite pleased with the changes that have been made. The saying that as doors close, new ones open rings true for me on this day. My daily angel card even mentioned a new direction for me.
There has been a lot of washing, mopping, sweeping and spiritual cleansing over the last 24hrs. There is now a proper space where I can uncover the truths of my spiritual path and assist others to do the same. The sight of my crystal balls in the open is simply breathtaking. The house is rejoicing with me as its energies have been lightened. The only thing that remains is for me to find a new exercise that will make me smile as much as the former one did.