Entering the air space of Jamaica is a divine experience.  The clouds that hover over the Blue Mountains create a feeling of sitting next to God.  It is pure magic to behold the majesty of lush green as the airplane looks for the airport.  It is perhaps the closest that I have ever felt to God while on earth.  I see nature as my altar where I seek comfort and receive counsel.  It is my guidance, my connector, the ultimate foundation from which recharging can occur.

My experiences in Egypt were quite different.  A romanticized view of the pyramids has always been something that I wanted to explore.  In 2009, I did just that.  Unfortunately, there was nothing romantic about the place.  The dessert introduced me to a heat that I thought would take me out.  The pyramids did not cause a past life regression, and they were tiny.  Vendors all but harassed people to purchase unnecessary items, and it simply was not what was expected.  A fond memory is when I was exiting the elevator in Cairo and women from the Gulf were walking in.  Their make up was exquisite, and the fragrance was beyond sweet.  It was my wish to be adopted and shown their ways of living.  Once back in the USA, bellydance fell off my schedule and pole entered.  The big plus sized girl that was embraced by the beat of the tabla shed her inhibitions and became a vixen.