After leaving the gyn, I went straight home. A candle was lit and my hands started writing about my feeligns. The news was not bad; however, it tugged on a few strings for me. Surgery was offered as an option. My immediate response was that unless it is required, I do not want it. A course of action was determined in order for me to remain under observation. When I wrote that I felt all alone, Niagara Falls suddenly filled the living room. Afterwards, a massage was scheduled and my evening unfolded.
It was close to midnight when it scurried across my path. While looking for my phone charger, a kitten appeared out of thin air. It was soon sitting in my lap purring away. We spent what felt like an hour together. My eyes focused on the beautiful full moon as a smile crossed my face. I asked the kitten who sent you to me? Because I knew that it was a gift from God to ease my sorrows. We played together and rolled around my porch. It even followed me to my door and would be inside now had I not explained that a pet is not on my agenda. Granted, if it is still there in the morning…..