Based on a friend’s suggestion, I wandered into a Pilates studio during April of last year. My body was closed and needed to be open to more movement. After my first lesson, Tylenol PM was required. I didn’t know if this new world of strange movements had room for a big girl that didn’t like to exercise. Then I ran into this teacher and her mat class.

She was a rather demanding individual.  It was hard yet intriguing. She recommended that I try her barre class as well. It was one of the most difficult challenges that my body has ever endured. I actually thought that I could stay home from class one night to relax. My phone rang the next morning. It was my teacher. She told me to return to class immediately and that it was not impossible for me to do. Class after class had me wondering why I was torturing myself. All of a sudden, things began to change for me.

My posture improved. People started asking me if I was losing weight due to my new lean frame. My tight clothes were no longer tight. My body began to demand a healthier diet by rejecting food that was not good for it. Old habits required new rules. Summer now brings visions of me in a bikini which was never a consideration before now.

My body is now able to do things that I never thought were possible. There is a better understanding of how the mind and body work together. A lifestyle change has been made through the guidance, support, and encouragement of Noevia Lopez. She is not only my personal trainer, but a good friend.