It was blackened pizza with a side of cookies that should have been reported. After finishing a chastising email to Publix, a post about the local Farmer’s Market popped onto the screen. I plan to go there this week to check it out as I have never been to one. Why do I eat the food that appears in front of me? Why do I wear the clothes that are in my closet? How exactly did I get to the point in my life where basic things are being questioned?
There was an event on FB that got my attention, and I plan to attend. There is an expert that will discuss the importance of an African centered education for children of African descent. This piqued my interest even though I do not have children. I have seen how public education works firsthand and in my opinion it is a complete disaster. It can work though there are many needless obstacles. As the news becomes more bizarre as time drags on, there is an obvious breakdown in community. Where is the community? Our society is extremely violent to the point that it is glorified by the reality series industry. Forgive me but I do not find rich beautiful women punching each other in the face interesting. It is a said state of affairs and should be considered shameful. Instead it is considered to be a requirement for ratings.
In order to be a member of a community, one must have a proper sense of self. A proper sense of self could take an entire lifetime, but a certain standing can be attained before that. While this is not the responsibility of a school, it would be nice if there was a foundation in place to assist children in understanding who the hell they are. A place that is already enriched with the knowledge of their culture and practices; a place where traditions are a way of life. I believe that I would pay money for a place where my child could learn academics and meditate first thing in the morning, and eat food that is grown on the farm.
I see the public school as a factory warehouse that is based on standardized tests that stress out teachers and restrict students from becoming the critical thinking individuals that that they truly are. It is not designed to nurture the whole child but to house the masses. A parent has to be overly involved in order for a child to be a success. Such a discussion is perhaps surprising from someone that isn’t planning a pregnancy and is single.
Life is different. Certain aspects have a new weight. There is someone for everyone because no one can do it alone. Do what? Face this thing we call life. It can be a great joy and unbearable all in the same year. There are highs and lows much like the river. A natural flow demands such action. My immediate family has begun its sunset with the passing of my father last year. While the idea of having kids of my own is rather terrifying, I think that I am at least ready to entertain the thought. Before such entertainment, a loving relationship with another fascinating human being should be explored. Perhaps, I shall start there.