When my car would not start, it was not a shock. It had been warning me that something was wrong. Between wanting to rest and a busy schedule, the car did not make it to the top five. I wandered back into the house and made myself some eggs while notifying AAA. The bearded tow truck driver informed me that there was an issue with the battery. I politely smiled at him and requested that he tow it to the dealership. The battery team that checked the car the previous evening had already informed me that a new starter was needed.
A few moments later, Enterprise was hearing from me. Unfortunately, they could not pick me up until 10am which would not wor for me. I had somewhere to be. After walking for about an hour, my shadow darkened the doorstep. With the swipe of a VISA, a white Beetle buzzed me away to my destination. A few surprise breaks and a batch of cake pops tided me over until I could crawl back into my humble abode.
Wine. Hot bath. Silence. Not necessarily in that order….