Each person has a guardian angel. This is the angel that stays with us for the duration of our lifetime. There are other angels that walk with us as well but this is the one that is always present watching over us awaiting the opportunity to guide us. I know the name of my guardian angel but this evening was the first time that I have ever felt as if I truly connected with this messenger of god.

This full moon has been quite powerful and has affected my emotions. However, I have also chosen to connect with the strong energies and decided to meditate with the hopes of truly exploring the spiritual realms. The Pyramids of Giza soon appeared and next thing I knew, Ganasha made his happy face present. He reminded me that he was around to help remove obstacles from my way. The earth is surrounded by light and lots of angel wings. Then there it was…my beautiful guardian angel.

This divine messenger spent some time with me reminding me that the presence is always by my side protecting and encouraging me on my way. I have only to call silently and the help is there for me. This was not a fleeting moment during the meditation but a great deal of time. It was beautiful to experience.

I am a regular person that walks the earth. If I can connect with all of the resources that the universe provides for us, anyone can. We only have to possess the desire to know that they are out there for us if we choose to reach out to them. It is with great love that I wish all of you a Happy Hunter’s Moon.