It is the height of the slow season and my schedule is swamped with work.  I am meeting more musicians and doing more business networking.  Performances happen on any given day, and ensembles are a thing right now.  Days are spent organizing music and chatting with planners about the next bridal trend.  Grants have taken on a new meaning as I have recently received one and written several more.  I want to pursue further training in this area that leaves so many in the dark.

Life is good.  It became even better when I balanced it with social outings.  The pandemic continues to rage on, but we are learning to live in spite of it.  We can eat in restaurants but outside is the way to go.  Virtual happy hours are still a thing and daily phone conversations go a long way.  People will always need other people.  It is the very nature of our existence, and I am no different.

It is nice to be able to gather with others is my same walk of life to embrace all the trials and tribulations that are thrown our way.  In between scheduling therapy and massages, I am living the middle class dream come true.  There is of course still one exception.  My personal life is fair, but my private life is still non-existent.  I am hoping to change that shortly.  It is time to enter the world of dating.