Every woman should have lunch with a rather handsome man at least once in her life. He should be the type of handsome that causes disruptions in public. It does not matter if he is a love interest or a shopping buddy. He should have a smile that overshadows the sun, and an hora that shouts, “I AM ANGELIC”. His body should be more durable than the Grand Canyon with pecs that give cleavage a run for the money. It was my good fortune to have lunch with such an individual yesterday, and it was such a treat.
After the delicious lunch was consumed, Starbucks was graced with our presence. Specific instructions were given for the custom made coffee that he ordered. This moment stayed with me. Why? After having access to Pilon coffee in my home, Starbucks coffee simply did not cut it anymore. This has been somewhat of a problem. Tea is not cool to have while at Starbucks; it is a coffee house, not a tea room. All of the fluffy high calorie intake coffee selections do not always appeal to me, especially since I plan on eating three meals a day. One cup of those things can sky rocket your daily intake of sugar.
This moment returned to me as I approached the happy barista this morning. I simply wanted a regular cup of coffee with cream, two sugars, and whipped cream on top. I asked if something of this nature was possible? I also wanted it in a mug. My car is having an oil change and it is customary for me to wait in the neighboring Starbucks. Not only was this request possible, it tasted good. I have been sitting here happily using my laptop and blogging from Starbucks with my custom made coffee in a mug. This is a highlight for my Spring Break. Ah yes, the Dominican Republic you say?
My plans to travel during this time were pushed back perhaps to the Summer. I will have more time to skip around the world and perhaps explore undiscovered treasures. For now, my days are spent taking various exercise classes including yoga and bellydance while eating salad and sipping lemon water. This break has given me the opportunity to take a look at my diet and how it has contributed to my overall health. In a nutshell, it needs daily attention and a serious overhaul. Instead of rolls with dinner while out, I have requested garlic spinach. It should also be announced that I cook more often than eating out or at least someone will cook for me.
All in all, I can say Happy Spring from the Piscean that has welcomed a new life cycle at the 38th year mark.