Introverted. Terribly reclusive. Perhaps, it is Piscean to hide from the harsh cruel world. As I faced this hard truth last week, many layers of my being lay bare before my very eyes. What was I going to do to make myself more social? This is how people interact and become involved in relationships. When and how did this trend start with me? Furthermore, how was I going to overcome this obstacle?
This revelation came about as October came to an end. As November began, it occurred to me that putting my foot down now may land me with plans for New Year’s Eve. November would be the month that I became more social. Weekends will no longer find me at home or using work as an excuse to hide in my home. Research was done immediately to get me out of the house. Events were found for the first weekend in November. As of right now, plans to there are social engagements for me clear through Saturday. Slowly but surely, perhaps I can learn how to mingle and apply flirtation in appropriate settings.