Today, I woke up and adorned myself in a passionate pink outfit complete with heels. I have been able to wear heels to work for the first time in my life after taking a special class:) Anyways, I went to work as the pink princess that I am. Many of you already know that my feathers were extremely ruffled because one of my cute heels literally broke in two. Luckily, I had anticipated something of this nature and put on my brown flat sandals…with a frown. I was still cute.

After work…including my overtime…before working out, I figured that I needed to fill the tank since I just got paid. As I was finishing with the pump, a well dressed woman approached me and asked if I knew the area well. I responded no, that I only worked and knew how to get to Starbucks. I asked her where she was trying to go…she seemed like she could use some help. We started talking and she informed me that she was trying to get to a job interview(she certainly was dressed for it) and she had taken the bus all the way from Miami Beach. Here she was in Hialeah Gardens walking 7 blocks and was still quite pleasant.

I asked her if she needed a ride since I had a GPS and an hr before going to workout. We drove around for a while and finally found where she needed to go. She thanked me a thousand times for helping her. I told her to get the job.

I do not know why we crossed paths today,but she made my strappy pink heels seem insignificant.
I am happy that I was able to help a complete stranger. It really made me feel good. It was the most important thing that I did all day. I will pray that this woman gets the job. I will also thank god for allowing this complete stranger to bless me. Our paths crossed for a reason.

That is what I shall reflect upon….as I shop for a new pair of shoes…taken to that store in a car that I can afford…paid for by a job that is stable in a bad economy. Yes, I am truly blessed and will remember to give thanks more often.