11796279_10153562253777229_424184383991618235_n People always have the next great idea or project for you to do. You have the absolute pleasure of paying money in exchange for a service that will help you but will also propel the agenda of another into outer space. This is the way of the world. This is why the following meme is so popular on Facebook: You can spend time building your own dream, or you will spend time working on someone else’s. You are probably familiar with this scenario if you work for a large corporation or even a smaller organization. You have to put your foot down and some point in order to get your own ideas on the list. This is how I feel. If it is not in alignment with what I want to do for myself, then I do not want to invest my time, energy, emotions, or money into it.
This was not always the space in which I lived. There was a time when I simply went with the waves. Whatever came my way was just fine. If it didn’t arrive, well it was not meant to be. It was probably around 2010 when all of that changed. It was no longer acceptable for me to only wear the underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Why couldn’t I wear underwear with my stage name on the back? I pay VS $30.00 a pair for the “honor” of promoting their brand. Why wouldn’t I do the same for myself? Fast forward to present day.
Since the small steps were taken to develop my musical brand, I have seen myself in a new light. There is more on the table for me to offer. Workshops are a possibility for me because I like to facilitate thought provoking discussion. Critical thinking is important to me and a lot of other people. Combinations of elements are possible in order for me to deliver a complete healing package. Clients benefit from this and even tell me themselves how much they appreciate the streamlining. Why would I want to sit back and simply relax awaiting the next wedding? There are collaborations to plan and endeavors to pursue.
For one thing, I feel as if I have a lot to share. My experiences should not be kept to myself for entertainment purposes. I think that others would benefit from what I have lived and vice versa. It is important to provide others with their own vehicle to express themselves. Everyone has a talent that can be cultivated into a unique offering. Naturally, I awoke with a devilish idea this morning and am currently thinking of an appropriate venue. Wish me luck….