We packed ourselves into the SUV and took off away from the campus. The first stop along the way was going to be a local chapel inside a Catholic Church. As we walked in, the hushed silence enveloped us as the world vanished behind us. We splashed ourselves with holy water and sat in the back pews. My eyes closed, and the other realm presented itself. I sat for what felt like hours. Upon opening my eyes, the side prayer room came into focus. The glass door was pushed under the weight of my hands as the sight of Mary made me feel welcome. I kneeled on the cushion and prayed.
While I was praying about my current endeavor, it felt as if her hands were placed on my upper back. The warm support made me feel as if I was being heard. It was not long before I refreshed myself with more holy water and rejoined my friends outside. The next stop was Starbucks. A Lady has to eat.
You do not have to be of a particular faith or background to connect to Mary. She is available for all people that welcome her into their lives. I happen to enjoy her warmth and embrace her presence as a part of my existence.