Monday Moment

You have to know why you are here. Your purpose has to be clear as day to you. Hints may be dropped. The universe may gently push you in the right direction. Doors will magically open and people will respond to you….when you stand in your gift.
My father envisioned a world where I would one day continue my life without his earthly presence. He knew that being armed with a choice of weapons to survive would be key in my success. He made sure that I was educated. There were hobbies and happy memories. There was one area where I seemed to excel over anything else. Music.
A rare instrument was given to me. He paid for the lessons. He drove me to rehearsals and performances. He would sit next to me while I practiced. Loading and unloading harps became his whole weekend. My father is my biggest support system. When he departed from this realm, he was serenaded by musicians…one of which was of his making.
These days I spend my time entertaining seniors inside adult day cares. They sing along and delight in the tunes of yesteryear. Their joy and happiness are very rewarding for me. As 2020 approaches, I am excited about what is around the company for my entrepreneur contribution: Lady of Harp, LLC.