Good evening ladies. Due to popular demand, I have decided to offer another ode. It is titled:

Ode to the Most Current MF: Jussie

Mf. It is February. The shortest month of the entire year has been designated to celebrate a massive part of American history that often goes undetected and whitewashed…..this did not stop your motherfuckery.

Mf. You represent two marginalized societies. You are a black gay man living in the United States of Amerikkka with its head honcho wearing the largest white hood…..this did not stop your motherfuckery.

Mf. Most of us will never see $65,000.00 in a year what say per episode…this did not stop your motherfuckery…

Mf. Not once did you consider Law & Order prior to concocting your own predicament…..nothing stopped the motherfuckery.

Therapy did not enter your mind. Nay.
You really didn’t think that anyone would discover all of the holes? Nay.
Now, we have a new hash tag and food for the ultimate roast. Everyone else may call you Jussie….not I sir. I don’t deal with Bamas……..I deal with Mfs…..and Mf, you just got MF of 2019. May your reign be long and viral.

Let us pray…..