There I was in the middle of the great city of Miami. Pictures of the Heat champions loomed over the skyline as my location was not far from the arena. It was poetry night, and I had been invited to venture out on the scene to behold the modern day Plato people. While figuring out the parking situations with my artistic friend, a rather unusual scene transpired.
A homeless man fell on the ground and was a nano second away from taking me with him. My personal space was violated by the force of his body hitting the sidewalk. We just stood over him; staring. I did not know if we should dial 911 or not. He did not appear to be dying or having a seizure. We blinked. Suddenly, it felt as if it may be a trick to get my purse; no doubt I am fresh from my recent theft fiasco. The need to scurry into the venue and inform the man at the front door pressed upon me. Chances were high that he would have an explanation about the strange occurrence. He ventured out to assess the situation. A woman showed up and began screaming the name of the afflicted. He arose, as if it was the third day after his death, and walked away. There was not a thing wrong with him.
It would be easy for me to say that this man was playing on the sympathies of two women. Did he want attention? Money? Who knows what was in this odd plot. One thing is for certain. It was the first night of the Mercury in Retrograde which made it normal. Bizarre things tend to take place during these cycles. After years of experiencing strange situations and learning that there was something happening in the cosmos, I have made it a personal obligation to inform others of this mysterious cycle. We are halfway through the second retrograde for the year. May it be one of insight for you.