There are so many posts about Memorial Day. It is a great day to reflect upon our own lives as well as those that have passed on. Lately, my spare time has been filled with non-stop fun which is good. All of us need fun to balance out the stressful work week. However, I would then reach my home and realize how empty it is. Where is my other half? How did I get to this point in my life where there is no one to tell about the wonderful things that have been materializing for me?

The life that I envision for myself is filled with days of helping women reach their full potential. Perhaps a stroll through Whole Foods to get the organic Thai noodles for lunch before an afternoon Pilates class. Downtime consists of meditation, swimming at the beach and lots of lounging. However, there should be someone to share in some of the activities. While being a champion of women being individuals, I may have missed that a personal support team enhances the quality of life. How do I get the life that I truly want? That balanced zone of zen and freedom? This question was asked silently before I sat down for an afternoon meditation session.

Answers came to me in brief segments and were quickly jotted down in my journal. I could sit here and type that a balanced life has a step by step guide, but it doesn’t exist. The guide must be written by the individual. Assistance is all around but the final pen to paper stroke is an independent endeavor. A choice is made when you want something. You will either put in the work that is required or remain safe in your comfort zone with an uncomfortable feeling.