Before the meditation closed, the organizer mentioned his ponderings of love. He tried to understand what love truly was. The only thing that he could conclude was that love was bread to be shared in the outside world. He charged us with taking it and sharing it with others. This concept stayed on my mind as I drove home filled with inspiration and ideas. This will no doubt appear for me as a workshop.

Many of my sisters are more than capable of loving the entire world; however, when it comes to loving themselves, they fall short. Visions that go unrealized. Goals that are never set. Dreams that are never chased. Desires that are never expressed. These actions lead to blocked chakras and unhappy lives. Some women become withdrawn while others develop an inexplicable anger. Jealousy and envy also run amuck. The woman is suppossed to put herself first.

Oh, but my children. Oh, but my husband needs me. My friends depend on me to be there for them. People that love you on a serious level want to see you flourish becomes it brings them a great deal of happiness. You are of no use to your children if you do not take yourself to the doctor and get checked out when you need to do so. If you do not exercise to maintain your energy levels, how will you please yourself what say your husband once the two of you have an intimate encounter? You do not always have to be the one to volunteer to cook for the outings. Potluck can delegate the wealth and variety of food.

One way that I get to love myself is by investing in my sisters. I share in their triumphs because I see myself in many of them and so it is a personal success for me as well. It is in service to them that I am able to realize my own dreams and thus attain a status of self realization and effectiveness. There are others. Perhaps I shall share them in a different vehicle…..go now. Find ways to love yourself. The test will come soon. Inshallah.