As I wonder about what I shall wear to my family home for the big dinner(sigh), a text came through inviting me to a friend’s home. She has no idea how grateful I am to be thought of in this manner. I do plan to attend after my top meal of the day. However, now I have an attire predicament on my hands.

I do not want to wear a dress and wish to be casual. My work on being a little more fashionable with regards to my hard earned body has shortened the length of skirts and the such in various situations. However, if I show up in an outfit of this nature to dinner…with my mother present….people will be bowing their heads on my behalf instead of the meal.

Perhaps a compromise of sorts can be found. The last time that I wore a dress that my mother did not like, she did not hesitate to make a physical reference to my boobs and went so far as to purchase three brand new dresses for me. I do wish to avoid conflict today. A moment of silence is required here……

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