For the last week, yoga was not on my schedule. I stopped doing it in the mornings and it was not a thought on my mind. My gut simply hung on the horizon. The words of my yoga instructor faded from my mind. There I was simply lost in translation that I call daily life. Thursday slapped me like a ton of bricks. It was one blow after another. More demands from work and a surprise wedding invitation. My constant contact did not hear from me for 24hrs. 10pm found me in bed hiding from the world. It was not until Sunday morning when hope rescued me from the whispers of my own mind.
There I was. Unloading all of my woes in prayer. It felt like such a long time. Admitting things to yourself isn’t always easy, but it is necessary. Connecting with something higher than yourself can feel like a cosmic hug. I wanted the necessary resources to help me with life. When it came to a close, there was nothing but silence. A shower soon followed. The Dr. Sebi feed mentioned that doctors should prescribe yoga before pills. My pants soon adorned my body and Earth, Wind, & Fire wafted from my cell. Sun salutation after sun salutation. “Hearts a fire”. The edge of the mat consumed my body and felt my pain.
It was not long before I was typing away here at my blog. The unhappiness of women intrigues me to this very second. Writing about it helps me understand and deal with it. I hope that others can find healthy outlets to deal with their woes besides alcohol and weed. Pizza and chocolate cake are also vices. All of us have at least one. If used in combination, problematic layer upon problematic layer is built. This becomes the foundation for your life. Unhealthy living at its finest.
My body is a little sore now. A bottle of water is next to me as my cleaning lady assists with the house. I shall prepare for orchestra in a little while and then whisk myself away to rehearsal for a musical afternoon. Once it is finished, perhaps I shall linger in the sun to feel its warmth on my skin. Lemon tea with honey shall round out my evening. It is Sunday. The beginning of yet another week in my life.