Menopause is the bane of my existence.  It has been quite overwhelming for me to experience different parts of my body going through pure hell all at once.  I am on supplements but unfortunately, Mother Nature has declared war upon me because I had the power to bring forth life.  When a colleague requested a sound healing last week, I was catapulted into action and immediately scheduled it.  It was facilitated yesterday not far from my home.

Upon entry, the healing environment embraced me.  I readily accepted the cleansing with the palo santo and surrendered to the mat as the vibes began.  My eyes closed, and I fell into a semi-conscious state.  My breathing kept me in the present world.  However, my mind traveled to Kemet.  I kept seeing the Sphinx, and the ancient pyramid. A light green caftan was my attire. There was a song that I kept hearing. I know it but can’t remember the title. This awareness was so vivid that I shared it during reflection. The healer told me that I had mentioned this to her before. This made me realize that I will have to investigate this situation. I came home and went to bed after listening to similar music.  This may have been a past life which is surprising to me.

Bellydance has made more headway in my life.  It was a few weeks ago that saw me in front of Hanan once more for a Baladi workshop.  I am currently in touch with a black bellydancer from Tennessee.  We want to meet, and I am trying to get her down here.  Egypt was not the romantic version of what was in my mind when I visited.  The trip changed me and transitioned me away from bellydancing.  I did not love it and vowed to never return unless someone else paid for me.  Now, I wonder if there is something there for me that was not present before.  My life is quite different and the daughters of her realm are in my midst.