Writing down my daily expenses isn’t always easy.  Lately, there have been curve balls that I have had to catch.  My credit card is in use.  I had to take cash away from groceries to cover the gas.  Inflation is real.  While I do have more than one source of income, all of the sources are not actively participating right now.  Will I drown?  No.  I am simply very judicious right now.

A tea house that I like had poetry night yesterday.  I did not go.  It is across town which means it would take about half a tank of gas, and I always buy tea when I go.  I chose Netflix instead.  Naples was supposed to happen a few weeks ago with a very fair price for the room.  It is an hour or so away from my residence.  The gas alone would have taken my total bill into the atmosphere.  Pompano Beach began to sound really nice with a king size bed an ocean front view.  It would mean more bang for my buck.  These are the things that I consider these days.

As June starts to wind down, it will be necessary to start looking at July and how the finances will flow.  I am going to create an emergency fund with one of my banks and place it on an automatic withdrawal.  This is a strategy that I plan to implement to further assist myself.