It has been another week from hell. My insomnia raged out of control which made for very long nights. The events of the days piled high on my head only to settle before my eyes as the bed dismissed me. This weekend was supposed to be my first trip of the year. It was canceled. I had a performance prior to leaving which was also canceled. My phone rings with business propositions that all hang in the balance. People check on me throughout the day but as night falls, I realize why many enter into marriage. I question my life, and the way that it is handled. How exactly did I get here?
As this first cycle of the New Year progresses, the days have been challenging but not impossible. Surely with a good night of slumber, I will be able to greet Friday and my time alone at the spa. Perhaps I shall lock my phone away in my car. The Dominican Republic becomes more of a necessity as thoughts of Spring bubble.