There I was dining at my favorite restaurant on my favorite night.  While enjoying my dessert with my friend, my favorite waiter came to check on us.  I happily announced, “Bring me the chef so that I can kiss him..”.  They say that you should be careful about what you ask because you may get it.  Yes, this story is about to go there.

Approximately ten minutes later, the waiter made his way to our table with a man dressed in all black.  When both of them stood in front of us, I realized that the man in all black was indeed the chef that prepared our meal.  He had come to collect his kiss.  He had a spot picked out and everything!  After I finished laughing, I stood up and kissed him.  He had earned it.  We ended up with three desserts on our table and a new friend.

To date, this is my best example of why you have to be careful with how you phrase things.  The universe has one hell of a sense of humor.  I had no intentions of actually kissing a chef that night when I made my statement.  Yet, he mysteriously appeared to our sheer delight…..:)