It was quite an experience. My dealings with life insurance have been negative. A man tried to coerce me into purchasing a policy at my place of employment. When my no was not enough, he began bullying me. After I reported to my boss that I did not understand how this man got my personal information to begin with and was doing this at my job, he ceased and desisted due to her immediate actions. Since then, I steered clear of anything remotely related to the subject matter…..until now.
The information that I had to learn was overwhelming. There was a lot of it and it was so terribly foreign to my existence. However, I told myself that my two degrees prove that I know how to study. I applied myself like never before. Highlighters, notes, note cars, sticky notes in various colors all took over my multi-purpose table. An affirmation wall was created so that I could look at it whenever I began to doubt myself. Day after day, I would schedule time to take the class. I would pour over my notes. When I needed a break, Netflix would be summoned. It was not a straight shooter. Bronchitis was an obstacle but not a stop sign.
My endeavor was not announced to the world. It was a personal goal. There was no room for another voice or two in my head. Under the guidance and encouragement of my manager, I entered the test room as prepared as I was going to be. The pass signified the reward for challenging myself and having the courage to get out of my normal interests. It was celebrated and acknowledged. It felt wonderful.
This is only the first step. I get to find out what I can do with this new found knowledge. How am I going to apply it and educate others on proper choices for their final wishes? As a result of this experience, I am now able to make better decisions regarding my own policy. It is a comfort to know that I can know make a truly informed decision about what to do for myself. Such a feeling is absolutely priceless.