Lately, I have really been throwing my hat in the ring. Upon my suggestion, I facilitated my first workshop for primary teachers in the area of music at a local elementary school. There was a local womens’ festival that was taking applications for various talents including music. Well, I decided what the hell let me give it a shot; Guess who will be performing as a part of that festival? Yesterday, my artistic statement was created for my amazing brochures that are being developed as we speak. Mission statements, philosophy of education, resume synopsis…..artistic statement has now been added to the list.
When I step out of my house these days, my face is in full make up with a banging outfit. Banging you say? Super banging I respond. My mind settled on the notion that something amazing is about to happen to me, and I have to be ready to accept my new role in life. Why an outstanding interview may fall into my lap as I advocate on behalf of music education. My ultimate in hippie sheik is displayed as I sit in my womens empowerment functions and discuss Mercury going Retro under the light of the full moon. Corporate mama meets flower child has met its medium in me. This world is my oyster, and I plan to consume a full course meal.