Humpday Hump:

Multi tasking during the prayer line helps me accomplish what may be subtracted from my day if it is left for later. Light exercise and vitamins begin from go. Whenever a valuable gem is dropped during the call, I stop and write it down.
After deciding that some immediate changes were made, my door knocking hours were adjusted to embrace the evening. I have to catch people while they are at home because they are not going to return phone calls. Appointments were made for tomorrow with a few knocks in and around town.
A veggie lunch soon followed complete with filtered water. Clothes were washed. Clothes were folded and put away. A brief review with the app and my manager sent me out the door ready for my potential grandmother.
The tone was somewhat hostile; however, this was progress. People were home to open the door and a conversation was held. While I did not get to present or close, I was able to compile lots of information based off this visit. Success comes in different forms.
Look at the schedule that enables me to take care of myself and work without duress. A personal appointment was easy to handle today because permission was not needed from a boss. Coverage was not a necessity. The only thing that was required was that I needed it. Such freedom is very uplifting.
As the sun prepares to leave, my green shirts are being washed for tomorrow. My healthy meal awaits me, and tea shall round out this day. Perhaps a phone call or two, another round of yoga, and an early bedtime. You can use business endeavors to make yourself a priority in order to better serve yourself and others.