1.) Spend Time in Nature

There are so many options with nature.  Instead of exercising inside of your home, why not go to the local park and walk a few laps?  If you enjoy the beach, wander out to the ocean as the day closes to soak in the diminishing sun and maternal waters.


2.) Lay the foundation for your day with a good morning routine.

The way that you start your day can heavily influence the entire 24hrs.  Give yourself enough time to transition from sleep to being fully present.  Keep a dream journal on your night stand for any quick notes that you may have when you awaken.  Drink room temperature water; you can add lemon juice for a simple detox.  Gentle stretches or a brief yoga practice can help your body adjust.  For more info, check my blog: www.ladyspeaks.com


3.) Proper sleep

There should be a formal separation between your day and your sleep routine. Put your devices away at least an hour before your slumber.  Try to go to bed at the same time every night.  Avoid alcohol or desserts too close to your bedtime as they may keep you awake.  You may benefit from a guided sleep meditation.  Sleep is very important for intuitives because the ego is quiet during this time.   It is easier for messages to come through to us in the form of dreams.  

4.) Journal

This is an excellent way to express your feelings and to keep track of the different messages that you receive.  You can  decode your own symbology as well as begin to notice your own patterns.  Keep a journal on your nightstand so that you     can write down your dreams upon waking.  This is how you can begin to decode your own symbology and understand the language of your guides.  I personally do a lot of dreamwork with my  journal and an Amethyst.

5.) Meditation

It is said that prayer is used to ask questions.  Meditation is our time to listen to our available guidance.  Form your own meditation   practice to keep yourself open to your own spirit.  It also has the added benefit of calming your nerves and increasing your focus throughout the day.

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