Wed, June 27, 2012

When I look at other women, I see a vast array of wonderful things: beauty, strength, light, faith, and hope.  The world is filled with women that are happily living their lives and freely share that joy with others.  This is a true blessing for us all.  My sisters have the beauty of the universe within them and the earth is able to rejoice in it.  They provide me with inspiration and knowledge.  However, I also see other things that I do not understand.

Insecurity seems to run amuck with women; jealousy is another one at the very top of a long negative list. A few weeks ago, I gave the hairdresser a compliment on how much weight she had lost and how wonderful she looked.  My former beautician went on to tell me that she was fat and that I had gained a lot of weight in the past few years.  A puzzled look overcame my face for two reasons: (1) Why did she feel the need to insult herself and then extend that insult to me? (2) Why would you insult me knowing that I have lost a lot of weight myself?  It was a major life change for me.  After I paid her, I realized that I did not want someone that insecure working that close to my crown chakra.  My afro and my money will not darken that empty salon again in this lifetime.

There are many of us suffer in silence without any idea of where to turn for light.  We may want change in our lives but have no idea how to make that first step.  Perhaps traditional means of dealing with the daily demand of life simply are not working.  This is where the quest begins to find something for ourselves; something that we feel on an emotional level that brightens our spirits and lifts our hearts.  How does one find the road to fulfill our desires?  It could be anything from a career change to a healthy body image.  Let’s reflect on a few things.

Before technology and the destruction of civilizations, there was a harmony that women enjoyed.  There was a strong connection to nature.  We were the healers in the community.  Grandmothers would offer their wisdom and the rest of us would listen and prosper.  The moon phases were recognized as having an important place in life.  Women would use their natural gifts to help one another.  There was a unified bond.  A return to such practices would be helpful in order to combat some of the issues that are being thrown at us today.  There are many people such as myself that would welcome such a renewal of togetherness.

In my humble journey on this planet, I do not pretend to know all of the answers.  However, I do know that something is leading me to this path of caring about other women, and I want to do something.  This blog is the beginning of this ability to see myself in other women.  There are too many of my sisters that are living without tapping into their true potential because it has been locked away in a box and the key is lost. If our normal means of living have not worked, then it is up to us to find new solutions.  I propose the reinstatement of the sacred circle. This concept shall be brainstormed further in my new space: Lady Speaks:)