Upon hearing that there was an issue with the cd that I released, I immediately popped the finished product into the player. After hearing it, I went home and sat down. It was an attempt not to break into tears. It was a huge effort on my part to go through the process of recording for at least an hour. All of the songs were composed on the spot. There were interruptions. There was heat. There was scheduling. I went through all of the trials and tribulations to have a finished piece of myself to share with people. Well, my playing sounds wonderful. The side noises make for another story altogether. After falling asleep with this on my mind, 4:50am found me popping up with the word CD on my mind. An immediate recall was initiated, and my promotional performances have been canceled. I feel like a complete failure.
An email has been sent to a studio regarding the predicament as my heart sinks to the floor. All sorts of questions flood my mind. Why did this happen? There was time set aside for me to dedicate to this project while the schedule was fair. The creations flowed smoothly. Now, here I am still dealing with its development when I thought that I would be dealing with its fanfare. Life is filled with obstacles. Perhaps I should return to the beach.