Summer brought a lot of pleasant changes into my life.  Business was booming.  Grantwriting officially became a thing.  There was shopping and a few dinners with friends.  Pictures were snapped, and IG became my playground.  It was a fun filled three months.  There was even a private reconciliation that brought about a great deal of healing.  The bell tolled as a new school year approached.

The schedule became fast paced overnight in a negative way.  I felt as if I was a chubby hamster on a small wheel.  Everything became burdensome from the nightly routine to a mere text.  As things began to iron themselves out, I returned to my womens’ empowerment activities and reached out to some resources once more.  New shower doors were finally installed, and a real live chef appeared with meals.  Life is quite decent.

Last week Friday, I found out that I was awarded a grant for my music project.  It was not a shock, but it was a feather in my cap.  Between phone calls with the boss and texts with friends, it felt good to report that I was about to take my program to the next level thanks to funding.  Progress continued on the house repairs in the evening complemented by walks in the park.

This evening was the first time in a minute when nothing moved.  My walk was out of the question due to the late arrival of dinner.  I am too sleepy to practice.  Time was finally spent in the new patio furniture as Spotify spun some tunes.  A tiger dream surfaced through all of this and new thoughts entered about how I wanted to advance myself on a personal level.

After a search for classes, I settled on a tea infusion course at a good price.  I wrote an apology card and mailed it.  It is always a nice way to clarify misunderstandings and soothe that part of a person that was troubled without intent.  It is my goal to do more of the things that relax me and expand my horizons.