My day was supposed to be spent in a chilly room in the City of Miami. Instead of attending the presentation, I decided to follow my gut and schedule an important phone call. Many ideas were shared with me about how I could resurrect my harp ensemble. It was inspirational and spoke directly to my situation. Two pages worth of notes and several emails started my new project as I continued to work on my vision from Sunday. Because it was a day of leisure, there was time for me to go to the local chapel for meditation with another musician; it was during the time of the church bells, noon.
As we approached, the bells were sounding much to our delight. We settled into the pews after splashing ourselves with holy water. My scarf immediately found itself covering my head, and my eyes closed. The movie began in my head. Between the colors of light and the friendly angel, it was apparent that we had good company. It was in the middle of the movie that I realized that I was in for quite an experience. My hands fell open to engage the surrounding energies. There was so much to share that we went to lunch to talk.
It was good to connect on this level as the information that I shared resonated with her and spoke to her current experiences. We soon parted ways, and I headed home. It was a good day because it followed what I wanted to do. It was nice to be able to listen and act upon that initial thought. It laid the foundation for a day filled with messages and human connection.