It is Saturday morning, and I have finished two laps around the park. My Keifer is currently keeping me company. My morning probiotics have been consumed. Lunch will consist of Meatloaf, Okra, and Quinoa. My beverage of choice is room temperature water with two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. After weighing myself last night, the scaled informed me that additional weight loss had occurred.
The drastic change in my diet was a requirement as of three weeks ago. I was placed on a very strict diet. Pounds have literally dropped off my frame overnight. Exercise hasn’t even been incorporated until this morning. Last night brought memories of pizza delivery. It would have been so easy for me instead of chopping veggies and checking the oven. A few motivational texts from friends reminded me to stay on course. There are another three weeks to go before my restrictions can be relaxed.
While others are dining on my birthday cake, I shall be splurging on a bowl of berries. That is the extent of the wild and crazy food that I get to consume for my upcoming renewal of my life cycle. I guess the surprising present is that with as smaller frame, my health has also improved.