My anxiety levels dropped significantly over the last two weeks.  It is the first time that I have felt like myself in ages.  The constant pandemic worry evaporated.  The obsessive testing and second guessing every move has stopped.  I have felt free to enjoy my life and live again.  I laugh with friends and eat outside at restaurants.  My hands are still washed quite often, and double masks are my jam.  However, life is feeling beautiful once more.

My birthday rolled around during this time.  It was such an amazing day.  My nails were painted.  I spent the day with friends and consumed fattening food.  Messages upon messages poured in from social media platforms from all around the world.  Deliveries were made to my home.  CashApp dinged.  A girl could not feel any more special.

As the new week begins, I see myself finally returning to a schedule that once worked for me.  Sunday mornings are spent planning for the week and tying up loose business ends.  Peppermint oil is diffusing as I look forward to my immediate future.  Goals are being formed, and dreams are resurfacing.  I welcome this new season with an open mind and heart.