As I finished my meal of Belgian Waffles, the waitress sat across from me and told an interesting story. She attended a funeral a few weeks ago with her husband. She found it rather odd that everyone in the room held cups of Starbucks coffee. She inquired as to where the restroom was located and was shocked to find a Starbucks front and center in the middle of the funeral home.
I smiled and said that I remembered when they had proposed such a move.
There is of course something incredibly wrong with this entire scenario. Are we bothered by the fact that Starbucks made a strategic move in tapping into a wide open market or is the fact that people are trying to stay awake at a funeral an issue? The funeral is the one event that no one likes. Its the time to wish the dearly departed a final farewell. Now, we have added comfort with a hot steaming latte with a shot of expresso. The waitress asked me if I thought that the funeral director was getting a kick back; a smile crossed my face again and I said, “yes”.