My dream was so very pleasant. It was filled with beautiful music. Unfortunately, I was unable to fall back to sleep for the remainder of the night. When I was finally in my car to head to work, I had to return to my home approximately three times to handle missing items. Upon opening my work email, I read a chastisement of sorts. My initial reaction was to burst into tears and return home. Instead, I chose to respond to the person with a stern explanation, especially since he is not my boss. Then there was the situation with scheduling not being clear. I contacted the source and nipped all other heresay in the bud.

A fellow vendor crossed my mind, and I picked up the phone to call him. Upon answering he said that he was just thinking about me. I smiled and said that we were connected. He forwarded me an email that he wanted me to have. Do you know that it had some of the information from my dream? I pursued this further with internet research. Before long, my gut told me that I was going to leave early. It happened. There I went out the door without permission. Why? I knew that I didn’t need it because I had given it to myself. Its amazing what happens to you when you assume authority over yourself.

The afternoon radio show featured a man that said being laid off was the best thing that ever happened to him. He was able to get himself into a better position working for himself. He was healthier because of the lack of fumes and less stress. It made me think about myself. From the day that I took action to put myself in a better place, a weight was removed from my back.

I have been paying attention to the signs that I have received all day. Time spent in silence with a cigar helped iron out some of the messages. It wasn’t long before I understood what was desired of me. A better place is in store for me if my efforts continue to be persistent. Pounding of the pavement is a must, but it is something that can be done. More conclusions were drawn as well as the embracing of the lunar eclipse; this is a time for positive things and new beginnings. I look forward to my dreams tonight because I can only imagine what I will see. Will there be more melodious sounds? Perhaps a glimpse of my soul mate. Do I have a soul mate? I believe that a person can have more than one but that is for another post.