Friday Fizzle
There isn’t a single thing in this world that I could possibly want more than the embrace of this bed. The weight of the week has rendered me useless and I have been confined to the Sanctity of my home.
The veggies and quinoa simmered on the stove as a meal would be necessary.
The year is coming to a rapid end much to my liking. It has been a rather challenging and isolated experience from which I would like to be freed. There have been many a triumphant day and others that will remain in darkness. Perhaps the one thing that shall be my favorite is the shattering of yet another box by trying something new. The courage in itself was a success for me.
The blog rages on with new stories of life and woe without any regard for societal standards or needs for being polite. Real life is raw. It is pure in its simplest form and yet possesses a beauty all of its own. My neighbor rattles in the street while Oprah continues her soul raising interviews on YouTube. Saturday shall see me as a mermaid but tonight will see me as one with the pillow.