It was a feast for my small ears to consume. Layers upon layers were unraveled and dissected for all to chew. It was raw information that was meant to inspire and motivate you to the next level.
Lately, I’ve been spending time admitting to myself that I want certain things in my life. It was okay to erase the fear in wanting more. There was another category where I wanted to be. My pencil politely wrote what was desired. It could no longer hide in the recesses of my mind.
My eyes watched as beautiful person after beautiful person heaped real world knowledge upon my plate. Cutlery was pushed to the side as I dug in with my hands. There was no time for journaling as my phone was heard clicking away with the info.
Manifestation. Vision. Talks with God. Community. Tribe. Time. Train. Study. These were the words that were used to help put together a plan for that scary next level. How does one attain it exactly?
There is not a single universal blue print for everyone to follow. Simply put, you have to follow the dictation of your own journey. What works for one is completely wrong for another. The wonderful thing about each journey is that it is ever changing and inclusive in that it also involves the people around you.
You have something to offer that is unique to you. That should be embraced and shared with the entire universe. Cultivate it. Tweak the rough edges. Gather resources and put together a team that has your best interest at heart.
One thing that I would like to do is to sit down and identify the members of my community. I have tribe but life can make you feel quite lonely at times. You need people around you that believe in your purpose. You have to know whom is invested in you.
As the feast neared the final course, I wondered how I would share this with others. It is a simple question. What do you want for yourself that you have trouble saying aloud? Whatever it is, that is what you need to go after. We get this one life time and it is not a dress rehearsal. Go after it at all costs.
Now, it is time for some wine……