After twenty plus years in the classroom, I turned in the keys to my room for good.  I couldn’t even finish the year.  It had become unbearable.  Double classes, disrespectful students, entitled parents, increased expectations, and poor compensation in a post pandemic era had finally taken its toll.  The one thing that I knew would come into play on a serious note was an understanding of my financial flow as I left head first into self employment.  Gone are the days of direct deposit every two weeks like clock work.  Welcome the irregular pay day and a new way of paying my bills.

The first thing that I did was create a cushion as my transition approached.  Summer tends to be slow and I have to be able to take care of myself.  Two advisors were brought on board to handle insurance and retirement planning.  Texting with my accountant increased and a new budget planner was purchased.  All bills have been removed from automatic debit, and cash is my first method of choice these days.  One basic budgeting strategy that I follow is to pay everything that is due within the next two weeks.  This has been key.  I use the change from my groceries for gas and coins are also added to the tank.

I make my own coffee and cook three meals throughout the week.  Medical appointments are planned accordingly.  While I am unable to stuff cash into all of my envelopes, the major ones are full.  Mortgage, food, and gas are always my top priorities.