A pre-pandemic associate sent me work.  I was so grateful to be asked to grace the stage for a Wakanda themed event.  My customized African outfit was the go to attire for this one.  Upon arrival, I met the band members.  The drummer was a girl.  She was giving soft masculine energy and was very cute.  I really enjoyed the evening especially since I was in her presence.  It isn’t everyday that you see a girl playing the drums.  She was giving us the beat while serving us heat.

Afterwards, I was telling a friend about the pleasant experience.  She said that it would make sense that I enjoyed hanging out with a pretty tomboy since I used to keep the company of a few masculine presenting women in a very heavy sense.  A strong pause came over me.  The realization that I had just been seen with my previous history was embracing me.  My response was that I was processing being seen.  This is what I good chat with a good friend can do for you.