It was such a nice piece about a wonderful musician. He posted the link to his FB, and I enjoyed reading it. At the end of the article, readers were encouraged to suggest another creative for an interview. My mind fell on an artist that works with me. Her mural is currently uplifting the atmosphere of a school building and I told her that she needed press. BOOM. There was my force of nature Capricorn that is everywhere and does everything. My lovely yoga instructor is simply a refreshing individual and brings a lot of quiet power to the table. However, it was also possible to refer myself. The article said so. I thought but why would I do that, I would not be chosen. They already had harp a while ago. Then I thought…..why wouldn’t I be chosen? I am not the average bear and do not fit societal standards by many a measure. Four days later I was informed that I was selected.
I have the gift of looking at a woman and seeing a diamond in the rough in the event her shine is currently dimmed. Many times, I have the suggestions that can bring that potential to the surface and turn her into the prowling lioness that she truly is. If I can do that for others, why not pass some of that on to myself? Look at what happened. So at this point….I draw but one conclusion.
Have a dream that is bigger than yourself. It should be just out of your reach. Wild. Free from inhibition. Then slowly but surely work towards making it come true. The time shall pass regardless of if you sit at home watching Netflix, or blog away on a Sunday afternoon while cooking jerk chicken. Work towards that ridiculous thought in your mind that you do not think can actually happen.