Sunday morning found me at the beach. The warmth of the sun was paired nicely with the nice breeze. The palm trees swayed in the background making it a perfect Miami day. As I whipped out my book, the sight of four people dressed in white demanded my attention. There were orange sashes wrapped around their waists. Coincidentally, I was also dressed in all white which is extremely rare. My gaze never left them for long as I was rather intrigued by their presence. It was not long before I venture closer if only to admire them from a closer view. What were they doing I wondered. After about an hour or so, they stood. One went directly into the ocean while the others lingered on the sand genuflecting to the water. It was a very peaceful observation to observe. The most curious question of all was why did I choose to wear white on this very morning and then witness this diving sight?
The word that comes to mind is faith. It is about to come into play for me on an entirely different level. My parents’ health is deteriorating. While I understand this is a part of a cycle, my life is going to change in order to accommodate a natural process. As I await more answers about a proper diagnosis, I find myself wanting to be pro active and faithful. It will now be left to me to trust completely in God. The tables are quickly turning and the time has come for me to become a caretaker. It is a role that I hope that I can execute with dignity and grace. There will be hard days. There will be good days. It will be a journey that will require full support on all fronts. A true test of my faith has arrived.