My schedule finally allowed me to attend an essential oil presentation. It was also an excuse to force myself to be social. It is so much easier for me to keep to myself in the comfort of my home. The truth of the matter is that unless I venture out into the world, I will not, “cultivate those relationships that are so essential to life…”. A quote taken straight from my favorite realist.
It was a good scene for me. There I was shaking hands and introducing myself to people that were completely new to me. The information that was presented was useful and rather interesting. It made me consider the possibilities of combinations with the tools that are now in my healing bag. However, there was something that caused my ears to perk just a little bit more than before. There was a mention of Wayne Dyer and his bedtime rituals. A bedtime ritual.
Yes, there is the normal winding down and shutting off of electronic items. It is a good time to meditate and pray. The phrase bedtime ritual inspired me to declutter the area next to the bed and beautify it with order. A pink thank you card has been placed next to the two teddy bears that claim residence on the corner of the night stand. My new diffuse bracelet is laced with lavender and sits close to me. Candles and jewelry boxes round out the feel good scene.
Routines are things that I normally subtract from my equation but this is something that I would like to make a conscious go off for as long as the flow rings true for me. Perhaps some poetry will be added to the mystical music that puts me to sleep.
Create your own bedtime ritual and encourage your friends to do the same.