Several signs from the universe have slapped me since being enthralled with Egypt on Sunday.  Monday found me searching for more music from ancient Egypt.  The song that I heard during the healing remained with me.  I went so far as to contact the bellydancer that used it over a decade ago.  She did not remember the name.  As I was looking for mediation music, it was the first thing to come up in my feed.  It has been added to my Spotify as a permanent favorite and signaled another pebble on my path.

While looking through my pictures from my 2009 Egypt trip, I found pictures of myself wearing a caftan that featured the same green that I saw on Sunday.  I had forgotten that I had purchased that.  As a result, I am incorporating green in some shape or form in my everyday attire.  Sleep consumed the better part of my day as I succumbed to the slumber that the healing gave me.  As the afternoon approached, I had to get to the Mindwarehouse to work on my academy.  It is currently paying my bills and making me quite happy.

There wasn’t any parking on the street.  The block was circled twice before a suitable spot appeared.  Parallel parking was utilized to get into position.  As I was taking a picture of the meter info, a random man approached me.  He wanted to know if it was cheaper to park on the street vs. the lot.  A man that had just arrived from Egypt paid him to watch his car.  Shock took over my body as I made my way to the coworking space.  Upon entry, I stumbled to my chair and prompted the artist to take me to her office for storytime.    She heard my words and blinked.  It was then that she told me a student brought her a blue and green caftan from Egypt.

Wednesday unfolded without any major signs.  It was a performance day, and my mind was focused solely on entertaining guests with an awesome soundtrack.  I packed a classical binder for the first hour.  As I turned the page, a song with Arabic writing appeared.  I never looked at it before.  It was never on my mind.  The notes made sense to me, and I began to play.  Enta Omri is well known in that region.  Visions of potential projects unfolded as the song continued from my fingers.  A smile crossed my face as I realized that another sign had just appeared.  Once my home embraced me once more post performance, it dawned on me that an invitation had been extended to me for Kemetic Yoga last Sunday.  I shook my head in wonderment over all of this action.

I am currently sitting in a local cospace working on my company.  Marketing is a constant task in order to stay relevant, afloat, and employed.  There are follow up emails that are required in addition to connecting conversations.  A jittery medium sized man rolled over to my table and introduced himself as a filmmaker.  He mentioned that the name of his company is Ali Films.  He said that he based the name on Muhammad Ali.  I smiled as I asked him, “What type of name is that?  The origin?”, as if I wasn’t aware.  My father always spoke about Muhammad Ali which makes me quite familiar with his story.  My morning fell right into a sign.  The calls to prayer now ring in my mind as I heard them fifteen years ago.  It is my firm belief that I will hear them again.  Perhaps, sooner than later.