Dreamwork can be very exciting a provide you with messages that you need to hear. What happens when you dream of others? Well, you are suddenly put in the position of to share or not to share. I have learned the hard way that most of the time, you should at least consider sharing. I have even received phone calls encouraging me to share anything that pops into my head at any given time so that the person is not walking around in the dark.

I chose to speak of this this evening because this has happened at least twice within the past two weeks. The one that has just happened was quite beautiful, and I did share it with my sister. Because the dream showed me a beautiful Indian wedding close to the beach with a classical Indian dancer, I recognized the presence of Yemaya and the beauty of India. My conclusion was that my sister should begin to produce wonderful frocks that combine her knowledge of the spiritualty systems there as well as the wonderful colors & fabrics. Would I have gathered as much otherwise? No. My head has been submerged in my workshops, crafting, and cooking. It was my joy to share with her and shall always do so.

We were given mouths to speak. We are given dreams to build. If we speak our dreams aloud, imagine what we can accomplish:) Tracking your dreams is also very important if you are interested in your personal interpretations and tracking patterns. Some dreams will be more important than others and sometimes, yes your mind just wants something to do while you are asleep. However, it truly does help to know what your own symbology means or understanding the source of the dream. Sleep well.