Every time a woman accepts less than what she deserves in a relationship, the break in her crown grows just a little more.  For all of the indecencies and unspoken horrors that are exchanged, the royal headdress becomes lackluster.  When we overcompensate for that which does not exist in a significant other, everything crumbles to the ground.  This is a silent epidemic that needs to be addressed.

Constant arguing and a lack of communication both contribute to such unions.  However, when it becomes clear that the individual next to you is simply not what you know in your heart to be correct, take the necessary measures to exit.  An individual must be a force within their own right.  It is unfair for a woman to diminish her own shine just to have someone next to her.  We have to accept people for what they are and for what they are not.  I am learning to accept all of my relationships for what they are.

In my twenties, I would save face and allow friends to overindulge with the proper behavior of their mates.  If necessary, I would simply avoid them.  Now, that I am in my forties, it is impossible for me to cosign on such utter mediocrity.  Women deserve the best.  There are fierce warriors out there.  Multi-million dollar CEOs.  Legendary poets.  That spark, that passion, should be carried over into all areas of life.  It is not to say that mistakes will not be made; however, after a while, do not allow for the wallowing to overtake life.  If your mate is unable to uplift you, leave them right where you found them.